Aside from providing therapy, I focus my practice on psychological assessment. I believe that offering a thorough assessment can assist in resolving challenges and confusion that might arise in connection with various emotional, educational, intellectual, and behavioral issues. Following psychological assessments of my clients, I provide a detailed written report which includes findings, diagnosis, and individualized treatment recommendations and referrals. Throughout the entire process, I communicate with my clients to make sure you understand the results and together we can discuss possible next steps.

Psychological assessment is the process of using various components to develop a hypothesis about a person’s diagnosis, behavior, personality, and abilities. The assessment process can involve a combination or all of the following: clinical interview, review of records, behavioral observations, collateral interviews, the administration of various psychological tests, behavioral checklists, interpretation of all information, and a formulation of findings and recommendations.

Psychological tests offered:

  • Intelligence Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Behavioral Tests
  • Neuropsychological Tests
  • Achievement Tests

What can Psychological Testing be used for?

  • To establish a specific diagnosis (e.g. “Do I have depression?”)
  • To assist in securing accommodations if learning disabilities exist
  • Diagnosing neuropsychological issues (e.g. memory, attention, executive functioning, ADHD, autism, traumatic-brain injuries)
  • To identify information regarding your personality traits
  • To determine the presence of intelligence concerns or giftedness
  • To assess behavioral issues (e.g. evaluate substance abuse, trauma, self-harm, or aggression)
  • Vocational assistance (e.g. “I don’t know what career I should pursue”)
  • To assess treatment effectiveness and to provide treatment recommendations
  • To answer questions of fitness (e.g. “Can I return to work?” or “Am I cleared to have this surgery?”
  • To evaluate your mental health condition in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases

Four Phases of Psychological Assessment:

  1. Clinical interview and information gathering
  2. Administration of tests
  3. Scoring and interpretation of test results and report writing
  4. Feedback session with patient to discuss test results and recommendations