Psychological Assessment

Dr. Shirin Moheet has academic specialization and extensive training and experience in the arena of psychological assessment services. She offers various types of tests including intelligence, personality, aptitude, behavioral, performance, achievement, and memory batteries. Dr. Moheet’s assessment process can help clarify diagnostic issues so clinical treatments can be precise, accurate, and efficacious.

What is Psychological Testing & Assessment?

Psychological testing is the use of a standardized test to measure a person’s specific behavior or performance. Testing is only part of the assessment process.

Psychological assessment is the process of using various components to develop a hypothesis about a person’s diagnosis, behavior, personality, and abilities. The assessment process can involve a combination or all of the following: clinical interview, review of records, behavioral observations, collateral interviews, the administration of various psychological tests, behavioral checklists, interpretation of all information, and a formulation of findings and recommendations

What can Psychological Testing be used for?

  • To establish a specific diagnosis (e.g. “Do I have ADHD?”)
  • To assist in securing testing and other accommodations
  • Diagnosing neuropsychological issues (e.g. executive functioning issues)
  • To identify personality traits
  • To determine the presence of intelligence concerns or giftedness
  • To assess behavioral issues (e.g. evaluate substance abuse, trauma, self-harm, or aggression)
  • Vocational assistance (e.g. “I don’t know what career is a good fit for me?”)
  • To assess treatment effectiveness, including when symptoms are not improving
  • To answer questions of fitness (e.g. “Can I return to work?” or “Am I cleared to have this surgery?”)

Psychological Assessment is divided into 4 phases:

1) Clinical interview and information gathering
2) Administration of tests
3) Scoring and interpretation of test results and report writing
4) Feedback session with patient to discuss test results and recommendations